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Project Description

This user control is like a Listbox that you can add controls (through code only).

Then in runtime there is a smooth scroll enabled on the list where you can scroll down & up the list like an IPhone.

I am a newbie on Silverlight, so any improvements or comments are welcome.

Please rate or write down a comment if you find that code useful! :)

Happy coding!

V 0.2 :
  • Improved scrollability (especially with regular mouse)
  • Improved code & comments
  • Added the the public events
  • Added the SelectedItemBackground and ShowScrollbar Properties

V 0.2b :
  • Fixed couple of small issues


Methods :
  • AddControl() : Adds a new control to the list
  • ClearControls() : Removes all controls from the list
  • PageUp() : Performs a "Page Up" on the list
  • PageDown() : Performs a "Page Down" on the list

Properties :
  • Velocity (Double) : Velocity of scroll (between 0 and 1). The closer it is from 0 the longer it will scroll (default is 0.1)
  • Background (Brush) : Background of the control

Events :
  • ItemClicked : Occurs when an item is clicked
  • ItemMoveStart : Occurs when an item is selected and is moving the scrollviewer
  • ItemMoveEnd : Occurs when an item is un-selected and mouse is released after an ItemMoveStart

Screenshot of the demo project

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